“I had a bad hand injury and was unable to work, it was a personal injury case. My attorney needed time to work on the case and to get me the medical treatments I needed. I wanted to settle because of the shortage of money and not being able to work. I was referred to Legal Loans and they were able to provide me the financial assistance I needed for several months. I was able to get the medical treatment I needed and the attorney was able to do what he needed to get me the highest compensation for my case. Without Legal Loans I would have settled for  a small compensation and never have received  the medical treatments I needed. Thank you to my Attorney and Legal Loans” – Mark

“While I was visiting Las Vegas and enjoying the sights a cab hit me and I was badly injured.  I had to seek legal advice quickly. I am a single parent that lives pay check to pay check. I could not afford to be without a job for too long.  I had  severe damage to my leg and would have to rehabilitate it  for several months. The attorney had told me that the case would take a long time to settle because of the amount of time I needed for rehabilitation. Unable to work and not sure what to do for money I was getting worried about my bills that were starting to pile up. Legal Loans sent a monthly payment to me for 6 months so I would be able to take care of my family and myself.  Thank You and God for helping me get through this very difficult time.” -Tim